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Aquisgrán is an initiative of the Sociedades de Garantía Recíproca, to offer its current and future members an additional source of financing to fund their projects.

Sociedades de Garantía Recíproca

Las SGR (Sociedades de Garantía Recíproca) are 17 regulated financial entities, whose mission is to facilitate the access to financing to SMEs by providing first demand guarantees.

  • Since their creation in 1978, the SGR have issued more than 300.000 guarantees for a total amount of over 30 billion euros.
  • The capital of the SGRs has been contributed by its 126.000 members, beneficiaries of their guarantees, and by 800 public and private institutions.
  • Aquisgrán is an exclusive vehicle of the SGR, set up at their request.
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Aquisgrán surge a iniciativa de las Sociedades de Garantía Recíproca (SGR), para que sus socios actuales y futuros dispongan de una fuente adicional de recursos para llevar a cabo sus proyectos.
  • Desde su fundación en 1978 las SGR han emitido más de 300.000 avales por un importe agregado superior a 30.000 millones de euros.
  • El capital de las SGR ha sido aportado por sus 126.000 socios participes, beneficiarios de sus avales, y por 800 instituciones públicas y privadas.
  • Aquisgrán es un vehículo exclusivo de las SGR, creado a iniciativa de estas.
Las SGR cuentan con el respaldo y el reaval de CERSA, la Compañía Española de Reaseguramiento, compañía estatal adscrita al Ministerio de Industria, cuyo objetivo último es facilitar a las pymes y autónomos la obtención de financiación.

Sociedades de Garantía Recíproca

Las SGR (Sociedades de Garantía Recíproca) son 18 entidades financieras sin ánimo de lucro que facilitan a pymes y autónomos el acceso a la financiación mediante la concesión de avales.

Our resources

The funds that Aquisgrán lends to the Spanish SMEs come from institutional investors (pension funds, insurance companies, investment banks...) both Spanish and international, sourced directly or via the capital markets.

By financing loans to SMEs guaranteed by the SGRs, investors have access to an asset of very low risk and an attractive return.

The bonds issued by Aquisgrán will be listed in the stock market, thus giving liquidity to its investors, and making possible that the Spanish SMEs had, as the large corporations, access to the capital markets.

Why Aquisgrán

We named our company Aquisgrán, because it contains the acronym 'SGR', and is the name of a city (also known as Aachen and Aix- La-Chapelle) considered as the cradle of Europe, thus emphasizing the potential of replication of our project in other European countries.

  • Aquisgrán aims to be an example for similar initiatives in other countries of Europe, that could develop the potential of their respective ‘sociedades de garantía’ as catalysts of private resources towards the financing of European SME’s.


The members of Aquisgran team, with long experience in the financial sector, are convinced of the importance of developing complementary financial resources for Spanish companies.

  • Eusebio Martin, General Manager
    30 years in bank and private equity, that include 6 years at the EBRD, the setting up of a debt fund and advice to lending fintechs.
  • Javier García de Blas, Operaciones Manager
    15 years in Konecta, company providing outsourcing services to financial entities, including 9 years as responsible of the back office of the leasing unit of  Banco Santander.
  • Carmen Tirado, Desarrollo de Negocio29 años en Banca, los últimos 24 en Caixabank en Financiación Especializada a PYMES (Renting, Factoring, Confirming y Leasing), 5 años en Banco Santander.
  • Emma Mateos, Marketing y Comunicación 30 años como especialista en Marketing, estrategia de Marca y Comunicación. Ha ocupado la dirección de marketing en Banesto y jefe de producto de marketing financiero en IBM España.
  • Elena García Ortega, Departamento de Operaciones 10 años en el departamento de Riesgos y Comercial en Avalmadrid, S.G.R. y coordinando el módulo de ConAvalSi.
  • Mar Moreno Departamento de Operaciones.
    Previamente había trabajado 13 años en Avalmadrid, como Analista de Riesgos y Técnico de Recuperaciones.
  • Miguel Domenech, Director
    10 years  at the Credit Department of Banco Santander, where he became head of the Regional Risk management and recovery unit. Founding partner of  Eland Private Equity.
  • Victor Domenech, Board secretary
    17 years as legal advisor of private equity and financial companies. Partner of  Eland Private Equity..